Joyce Rodgers

  • Rescued From Rejection

    Rescued From Rejection

    God doesn’t want to heal only me. His deliverance is available to all. “Come here, Joyce. I have to give you a ticket for a free lunch,” my teacher said. I approached her desk feeling self-conscious and humiliated.   “Your parents have enrolled you in the Title 21 Lunch Program. That means you get free

  • Covered By His Peace

    It wasn't until my sister's death that I fully understood God's peace.

  • How Not to Lose Your Focus

    How Not to Lose Your Focus

    While it’s easy to list the many external diversions, our most fatal distraction lives within. A frustrated New York attorney sits across from the “other woman,” pleading for peace. He attempts to make restitution, to justify his one-night stand, to say something–anything–that will get this obsessed woman to leave him, his possessions and his family

  • No Time to Listen

    No Time to Listen

    Returning from yet another speaking engagement, I promised myself: "I'll do it tomorrow. I really mean it this time." Despite my exhaustion, I rested comfortably that night. As daylight broke, I rose to pray and then began my morning routine. My mind was racing as I rehearsed my to-do list. How can I get all…

  • The Brink of Breakthrough

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