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  • Irish Boxer Punched, Prayed Her Way to Victory

    Irish Boxer Punched, Prayed Her Way to Victory

    Like a warrior princess from ancient days, Irish boxer Katie Taylor proudly carried her nation’s flag after scooping Olympic gold. But she carried her Christian faith into the media spotlight, too. “I’m here because of the grace of God,” she told journalists after her close 10-8 victory against Russia’s Sofya Ochigava. “Thank you, Jesus,” added

  • Charismatic Churches See Growth, Miracles in Ireland

    Charismatic Churches See Growth, Miracles in Ireland

    March 17, 2009 — As the world marks St. Patrick's Day today—remembering the Irish apostle who helped turn a pagan nation into a hotbed of Christianity—a Vineyard church in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, is helping spread a new wave of spiritual renewal across the nation. (Photo: Causeway Coast Vineyard leading Healing on the Streets outreach) "It…

  • The Day Slavery Died

    Tow hundred years ago, statesman William Wilberforce convinced England to end the slave trade. A new film, Amazing Grace, celebrates his legacy.

  • The Sound of Irish Fire

    There's more to Moya Brennan's mystical Celtic music than her Irish heritage. She's a vibrant Christian with a heart for worship.

  • Send the Fire Again

    A century after revival touched the world through the tiny nation of Wales, God is stirring faith for another visitation.

  • How Prayer Is Shaking Europe

    When a church on the south coast of England devoted an entire month to prayer, the idea caught on across the globe. The '24-7 initiative' is now booming--and producing results.

  • Christians in England Keep Revival Alive in Famous City of Bath

    Renewal meetings have a definite 'Toronto Blessing'-style

  • Mysterious Happenings in Irish Cathedral Don’t Stop Worshipers

    About 600 people gathered in St. Patrick's Cathedral in Ireland to help record a live worship album

  • The Spirit’s Fire Burns in Scotland

    In a nation paralyzed by staid religious tradition, charismatic renewal has kindled new spiritual vitality.

  • Musicians Cover Globe With Worship

  • Millions celebrate last March for Jesus

  • British prayer movement grows

    Using old buildings, satellites and Web rings, Britons are forging prayer outposts fueled by hunger for intercession

  • Texas church hit by deadly twister

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