Morning Rundown: Atheist Changes Mind About the Afterlife Following Heavenly Near-Death Experience

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Atheist Changes Mind About the Afterlife Following Heavenly Near-Death Experience

Jose Hernandez’s experience of dying and coming back to life changed him forever. What he thought was just a void into the darkness turned out to be an afterlife where he received the shock of his life.

After having the most peaceful and mesmerizing experience of seeing the heavenly realm, Hernandez saw his father, which completely changed his perspective and mended a broken heart.

“I see a man in the water. He’s like knee deep in the water and he’s got six children holding on to his right hand in a string, right? In a line. And one child on his left hand,” Hernandez said. “And I said, ‘Wow, that’s pretty amazing! Let me go down and see what that’s all about. So I moved down, and maybe I’m about 10 feet…15 feet away? And he turns around. That was my father.”

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The Shocking Connection Between Fidel Castro, an Ancient Mystery and the Coming of the Pandemic to America

Jonathan Cahn’s Newest Book Opens Up the Stunning Bible Connection

In his riveting new book, The Josiah Manifesto, author Jonathan Cahn continues to reveal stunning mysteries from the Bible about the exact day and age we’re living in. But he says this book is like no other he has ever written.

The Josiah Manifesto talks about ancient mysteries being revealed that are playing out right now,” he says. “Not only that, but it gives an answer. That’s what’s different about this book. God is actually pointing us to the days ahead, and revealing what we need to know – how to stand, to prevail, to survive, to prosper.”

Cahn is well-known for his other blockbuster bestsellers such as The Harbinger, The Oracle, and Return of the Gods, but he says The Josiah Manifesto is a different sort of assignment from God, especially in that it gives answers to the questions so many Christians are asking in this day:

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The Growing Persecution of Christians: A Sign of the Times

Throughout history, Christians have found themselves under the shadow of persecution. The age-old question, “Are Christians the troubles of society?” has resurfaced in Western society and is reminiscent of King Ahab’s inquiry to the prophet Elijah, “Is this you, you troubler of Israel?” (1 Kings 18:17). Today, many in societies around the globe label Christians as the new “troubles” obstructing the perceived progress championed by certain groups.

A Historical Perspective

Christianity’s history is marked by moments of persecution, even driving the earliest Christian Separatists and Puritans to seek refuge in the New World to escape religious oppression. In America, a nation historically grounded in Judeo-Christian values, Christians have long felt secure. However, the landscape has shifted. Our society is witnessing the unsettling phenomenon of calling good evil and evil good, as Isaiah 5:20 forewarned.

Believers may find themselves in a situation reminiscent of the early days of the Roman Empire, shortly after the formation of the Christian church. During that era, new Christians bore the brunt of blame for numerous societal problems. Nero infamously accused Christians of setting fire to Rome, leading to widespread persecution. Christians were subjected to horrific trials, including facing lions in the arena and being thrust into gladiatorial combat. They were scapegoated for societal ills and often excluded from economic activities, a pattern that seems to be emerging in our modern society. This deep-seated animosity toward Christ and His followers is not a novel phenomenon; it mirrors the historical disdain of pagans for the Lord and His representatives.

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