Morning Rundown: My First Deliverance Session Changed the Trajectory of My Life

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My First Deliverance Session Changed the Trajectory of My Life

I preached my first message on deliverance with fire and conviction and walked out that night, knowing it would not be long before the Lord would challenge me to actually cast out a demon. I remember thinking, “How on earth can I be so convicted about something I’ve never done?” The prospect was even more unnerving than that first sermon, but I knew it was coming.

After that first deliverance sermon, I immediately got on the bus, and we drove six or seven hours over to Arkansas, where I preached at a tent that seated about 600 people.

The place was packed despite it being so freezing cold that I was surprised anybody stayed. The service went on and on, and it was beautiful. Just before I got up to speak, a lady came to my book table and said, “Pastor Locke, you’re my online pastor. I love you; thank you for your stand. I appreciate your boldness. I drove all the way here tonight from Oklahoma because I need deliverance.”

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How Jesus Is Revealed in Every Book of the Bible

I was filled with the Holy Spirit three weeks before I went to college, and I immediately became a serious student of the Bible. I remember waking up early and reading Scripture at my tiny desk in my dorm before my roommate woke up. My hunger for God’s Word became insatiable, and my studies laid a strong spiritual foundation that I’ve built on ever since.

One thing I discovered in those early days is that the Bible is all about Jesus. It is never boring when you realize this! It becomes like a puzzle to solve. I found Him in every book—even in obscure passages of the Old Testament that were written long before Jesus came to earth.

Ephesians 1:17 says we can be “filled with the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him.” Do you want that? You can find Jesus in every part of the Bible. Below is a list of some of the ways He is revealed:

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Natalie Runion: Moving Forward When You’ve Been Hurt by the Church

For many, the church serves as a spiritual home and a place of growth. However, even within the sanctuary of the church, hurt and disappointment can arise, causing pain and confusion. Natalie Runion is a gifted worship leader and author, who is shedding light on the complex issue of church hurt and offers a path toward healing and restoration.

“The Lord has given us the blueprint to how to receive people into the family of God,” Runion said. “That is to love God and to love people. And what does love look like? It looks like meeting people where they are when they show up, not trying to adjust behavior before we address belief.”

Runion points out that the church has been so focused on living perfect lives that it has been a detriment to many when support is needed or someone does something out of line with the Word of God. Instead of leading people back toward Christ, many feel shamed and left behind.

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