Morning Rundown: How Can a Christian Be Cursed?

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How Can a Christian Be Cursed?

Something so many Christians and non-Christians alike overlook is the legality involved with sin. Mankind legally gave up our earthly authority to Satan during the fall, legally allowing him to become the prince of this world and unleash the sin upon the world. That’s the whole point of the Law of the Old Testament. There are legal repercussions that occur when one hands over their authority to someone else.

It’s the whole reason why Jesus was the propitiation of our sins. What happened on the cross was as much of a legal exchange as it was an offering of grace and mercy.

Because there are legal exchanges in the spiritual world just as there are in the physical world, there are times that we either knowingly or unknowingly allow the enemy to have access into our lives.

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‘It Brings Me Closer to Jesus’: Rickey Hill Says Movie About Miraculous Baseball Career Was ‘Ordained’ by God

Tethered by the weight of the braces binding his legs, Rickey Hill grew up hitting rocks with sticks, dreaming of one day hearing the crack of his bat against a fly ball headed for the outfield.

That dream, he was told, couldn’t be a reality. The odds against him—and the near-countless exploratory surgeries he’d undergone—were just stacked too high.

“I had no disc in my spine,” Hill told CBN’s Faithwire. “People didn’t realize, I was born with no disc. My grandmother and my great-grandmother were in wheelchairs; I’d never seen them any different, and I was headed in the same direction.”

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LIVE With Greg Locke: You Cannot Debate With Satan

The devil will try to tempt you in any way that he can. That is one of the reasons why we must put on the whole armor of God. It’s not just mentioned in Scripture for looks or for a reaction. It’s a command that we must put it on so we can become more like Christ.

It’s also impossible to do deliverance ministry in a God-intended way without sticking to the biblical actions God has given us to do.

During His temptation by the devil in the wilderness, Jesus responded the same way every time—and He showed us how to resist the devil through His example (James 4:7).

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