Morning Rundown: Devils or Aliens: What Does the Pentagon Believe?

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Devils or Aliens: What Does the Pentagon Believe?

In a world that seems to be growing stranger by the day, the topic of UFOs and extraterrestrial life has shifted from the realm of science fiction to the halls of government and mainstream news. Mysterious sightings of massive unidentified flying objects have sparked a wide range of speculations

But one perspective emerging from within the Pentagon offers a unique twist—the belief that these so-called aliens may, in fact, be demonic entities. This intriguing notion comes from a Christian perspective and is gaining attention, challenging conventional narratives surrounding UFOs and alien life.

In the past, discussions about UFOs and aliens might have been brushed aside as eccentric and implausible. However, the contemporary surge in UFO sightings and official inquiries has cast a spotlight on the phenomena in our skies, leaving many to question their nature and origins.

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Overcoming the Spirit of Perversion

The word perversion is not as prevalent in today’s culture as it has been in the past. Most often, the term is used in conjunction with sexual perversion, and rightly so. But it is so much more than that.

Satan has been trying to pervert, or alter, God’s design of creation since the Garden of Eden. This insatiable hatred that the fallen angel has for God leads him to target things that God both loves and holds sacred.

Being born into a sinful world, humans are cursed the moment we make our grand entrance into it. We are also marked with a target on our backs for Satan and his ilk to further corrupt us, to pervert us from God’s desired plan for our lives. To be clear, we cannot place on the devil times when we knowingly and willfully sin. While there are times sin is committed in ignorance, once a person accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, we have a duty to combat the pull of the flesh which seeks to pervert our newfound life in Christ.

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The Domino Revival

In the dimly lit parking lot of a nondescript grocery store, 15 years ago, a chance encounter altered the course of my life forever. At the lowest point in my journey, I had lost my way, my marriage and my sense of purpose. A stranger, motivated by a divine calling, approached me with a prophetic word that seemed improbable at the time. That moment marked the genesis of a prophetic journey that I never could have envisioned.

A Prophetic Encounter

I was truly in the depths of despair and had nothing to lose when that stranger approached me with an unexpected message. The stranger, who said he was compelled by a word from God, declared, “The Lord’s gonna use you in a film. I see you making a movie. This movie is going to bring revival.” At the time, I was separated from my wife and in the grip of alcoholism. I was a skeptic to the core, and the man’s presentation of this “word from the Lord” didn’t make it any easier to receive, as he convulsed and stuttered as he spoke the words. Still, I listened, because at this point, I didn’t have anything to lose.

After it was over, I called my estranged wife, Julie, and relayed the stranger’s prophetic message. Her laughter echoed my disbelief, for my life bore no resemblance to a surrendered Christian. Little did we know that this moment of improbable prophecy would eventually manifest into an unexpected reality.

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