Morning Rundown: 6 Signs You Need Deliverance From Prophetic Witchcraft

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6 Signs You Need Deliverance From Prophetic Witchcraft

I knew I was deceived. I just didn’t know if I was deceived by church leaders or the enemy. But in a moment of clarity, I decided it was possible the leaders of the church I had labored in for eight years were the ones in deception—and they were deceiving many others. After getting outside counsel, it was crystal clear prophetic witchcraft was plaguing my soul.

Prophetic witchcraft is not false prophecy, but it’s the source of the false prophecy that is concerning. While prophecy speaks the mind, will and heart of God for a person, situation or nation, prophetic witchcraft can oppose the will of God—or at least lead you into a different direction or out of God’s timing. Prophetic witchcraft taps into a spirit other than the Holy Spirit, who is the spirit of prophecy. Since the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus (see Rev. 19:10), prophetic witchcraft can’t be the testimony of Jesus—or what Jesus is saying.

Prophetic witchcraft confuses and deceives your soul. Your soul is your mind, will, emotions, imaginations, reasoning and intellect. When you align with prophetic witchcraft, it does plenty of damage to your soul, and it grieves the Lord. Remember, Jesus died for your soul. Your soul belongs to God (see Ezek. 18:4). With that, let’s explore six ways prophetic witchcraft damages your soul.

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The times feel like they are quickening.

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Attacking and Defeating Generational Curses

Didn’t I just see you last week?” I thought.

My own question stuck in my mind. Here we were in church, many people coming forward for prayer, healing, deliverance, you name it. But this person looked familiar. Then another. And another. I saw the pattern and wanted to know what was going on.

I prayed, “God, what’s the issue here?” I know there’s such a thing as ‘deliverance idolatry,’ folks getting more attached to deliverance than actually getting to the actual freedom. I pressed in and asked God for wisdom, wondering what was beyond this. Was it something I was doing? Was it the person? If a person gets delivered, but then is not free—what else is going on?

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