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Kenneth Hagin

There is a book I have in my library that is a favorite of mine which I often refer to called, Tongues: Beyond the Upper Room, written by the late Kenneth E. Hagin. I attended Brother Hagin’s Bible school back in the 1980s when there was a move of God. He was a man of deep prayer and He said the following in his final years on earth:

“The Lord told me that there is a depth of prayer and intercession in the Spirit that will be lost unless we who are experienced in prayer somehow get those truths over to this present generation of believers.

“I’ve known a few folks over the years who were great intercessors and who became experts in this deeper realm of praying in the Holy Ghost. But God wants more who can pray like those few. He must have more believers who know how to pray in that deeper realm, because there is a job to get done in these last days. If His plans and purposes are to be fulfilled in this late hour, more and more of His people must say no to their flesh and spend time praying out divine mysteries to God.”

In this book, Brother Hagin emphasizes the value of praying in other tongues as the avenue into giving birth to greater moves of God. He also gives examples of supernatural testimonies that happened because believers prayed through in other tongues. He said if Spirit-filled Christians would start believing God for the move of His Spirit and pray in the Holy Ghost the way Pentecostal believers did in days of old, the mighty power of God that they experienced would come into manifestation again today.

What struck me most about this book and stuck to me was when Brother Hagin compared the moves of God to waves of the ocean. He said that every wave that breaks forth close to the shore had its beginnings way out in the depths of the ocean. The potential energy and force of any wave begins long before you see the final result of it as it breaks on the shore.

This is what praying in tongues accomplishes in the Spirit realm. When you pray in tongues at length you give impetus to the next move of God’s Spirit before that “wave” is visible to your sight. In other words, when you pray in tongues and make spiritual intercession it’s like you are helping to build up the power of that unseen wave that lies underneath the deep waters of the ocean. As you continue on in praying this way you are aiding in the birth of the move of God that comes in waves.

Brother Hagin had a conviction that before Jesus returns, there would be one last great mighty “wave” or move of God’s Spirit. Toward the end of the book he makes these statements:

“Oh yes, we’ve seen the power of the Holy Ghost in a limited fashion, but a wave is coming that will bring His power on a higher level and in a far greater measure than we have ever seen heretofore. I can see that wave way out yonder in the deep waters. It’s coming! The waves of Holy Ghost power are building higher. Keep on praying so you can ride that new wave as it builds and builds in divine power and glory. I’m convinced that this wave will be twice as high as the healing wave (1940s and 50s), the charismatic wave (1960s and 70’s), or the faith wave (these were moves of God Bro. Hagin was a part of). In fact, it will be twice as high as all of them put together! I believe it is going to be the wave that sweeps us right on into the shores of the glory world!”

Hallelujah! Glory to God!

May God anoint many more of us to pray effectually in this manner, for the day and the hour demand it. Fasting will help us get there.

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