Charisma Highlights: Prophetic Warning: The Lord Says, ‘Do Not Believe the Lies Over Ukraine’

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Note: This prophetic word was released to Hank Kunneman on Feb. 22.

“Do not believe the lies, for even over Ukraine, the media—their mouth is filled. Listen to Me, the media—their mouth is filled with war rhetoric. And there are those who are pushing for war, and there are those who would desire to even make it look like Russia has done something to the Ukrainian people, inside of their borders, to bring them to war. Yet, I am and I have been speaking to the leader of the Bear.

“I’ve been speaking to you, Putin, and you are listening. Therefore, watch. Do not be caught up in the war rhetoric the media is creating. And do not believe when they report certain things that would desire to frame a picture and bring Russia and Ukraine to the place of battle. For My voice is speaking louder, and I am declaring truth. And My truth shall expose the truth over Ukraine.

“My truth shall expose even greater what they have resisted [on]—that which comes by the expression of freedom. And My voice of truth will continue to pull out of their holes, and I will pull the sheets off, and I will continue to show you what has been done in secret.

On Feb. 23, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. Exactly three years before, to the day, “The Send” was held in Orlando, Florida.

Shawn Bolz picked Dennis Melnichuk out of the crowd of 70,000 using a word of knowledge from the Lord. He delivered a prophecy to him, saying, “He’s raising you up. He’s calling you to lead a movement.

“Your heritage in Eastern Europe, God is going to commission you over Ukraine and Eastern Europe,” Bolz said. “Something is going to happen that you cannot even imagine. He’s putting you on the highest lampstand.”

Ukrainian pastor Yan Gutarov woke up around 3 a.m. on Feb. 24. He couldn’t go back to sleep, so he began to pray.

At 4:30 a.m., he heard an explosion and he wondered if there had been a gas leak in his neighborhood in the city of Odessa. But another explosion followed, shaking his house. Then he realized the unthinkable had happened: Russian warplanes were bombing his city.

“Six weeks ago we heard that the Russians might invade, but we didn’t believe it,” Pastor Gutarov told me this week on a Zoom call. He has led the Church of God Odessa, a congregation of 180 people, since it began six years ago. Today, half of his church members have fled for safety in Moldova or Romania, and he and his family traveled to Germany to live temporarily.

While it may seem as if the hand of God has been taken off the Ukraine, CBN Ukrainian Director Kostyyantine Lytvynenko and some Ukrainian soldiers beg to differ.

As the Russian invasion continues into its second week, Lytvynenko says he’s heard reports from the front lines of divine intervention that protected soldiers from possible annihilation on the battlefield. Lytvynenko, speaking in English, explained in this CBN video:

“One brother shared an audio from a brother in the church. He says his son is part of the military, and he was saying they were in the dark night and they were holding their positions when they discovered that a lot of Russian Federation tanks and machines had come. They knew they might struggle in defending themselves. The son picked up and called his father and he says that you have to pray right now for this situation. His father called to other members of the church and they started praying. Later, the son gives a phone call and he says a miracle happened. It looked like there was an attack from a spaceship, some kind of lightning that was shooting from the sky. Sparks were spreading everywhere. In the morning, they discovered that Russian machinery was destroyed. Some of the soldiers thought it was some kind of weapon they didn’t know about, but it was God’s intervention.”

As Russia continues an unprovoked invasion into the sovereign nation of Ukraine, political warnings abound.

Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told the United Nations on Wednesday an outright war with Russia would be the “end of the world order.” Others are pondering what Russian President Vladamir Putin’s obstinate and dangerous acts mean for the future of international affairs more broadly.

Amid all this dismay, though, is a lingering theological conversation that has unfolded for decades around the biblical end times and Russia’s theoretical involvement in it. {eoa}

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