Morning Rundown: Does Jonathan Cahn’s Newest Book Reveal Shocking Final Mystery?

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Does Jonathan Cahn’s Newest Book Reveal Shocking Final Mystery?

“The Josiah Manifesto” Reveals the Stunning Secret Behind What Is Happening to America

Could a 3,000-year-old calendar of appointed days provide the secret to the most dramatic year of our lives, even ordaining a plague and a national lockdown, days of fire and the changing of the Supreme Court?

What does the future hold? Is America heading for calamity? Is there hope? Have we been given a last chance? Is it possible to change history? And is there a blueprint that tells us what we need to know to survive and stand in the face of what is yet to come?

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Shawn Bolz: 6 Spiritual Keys to Get Unstuck From the Enemy’s Lies

Have you ever felt stuck in your finances, life purpose, connection to yourself, others or God? If you’ve ever felt like you’re wading through thick mud, unable to make progress or find clarity, you’re not alone.

We all go through times of feeling behind, stuck or confused. In this particular season on earth, it seems like the enemy has amplified this feeling, striving to make us believe we’re so deeply mired in our challenges that there’s no way out. 

But what if I told you that there’s a different narrative? If your spiritual eyes were completely open, you would perceive the incredible surge of God’s angelic and spiritual activity around you. You would understand that you are enveloped by His love and guidance and are anything but stuck.

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The Missing Piece Between the Amen and ‘There It Is’ in Your Prayers

There is a time between our prayer and amen to the moment of “There it is.”

Many of us right now are going through difficult times, whether it be in our health, our finances, our jobs or our families. Many of these issues may seem as if there is no way out. 

Many of us have gone from our knees to our face in prayer and when we were through, we finished it with “Amen.” When you finish a prayer with “Amen,” you are essentially saying, “It is so,” or “So be it.”

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