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Morning Rundown: Stop Weaponizing Scripture to Silence Women Who Are Called by God

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Stop Weaponizing Scripture to Silence Women Who Are Called by God

At a conference in Colorado several years ago, a well-known female Bible teacher stood at the pulpit and gave a challenging sermon about prayer. I had read some of this woman’s books so I was looking forward to hearing her message. Most of the people in the audience responded with amens and nods of approval as she spoke from years of ministry experience.

As soon as this woman began preaching, two men seated in front of me turned to each other and began praying quietly. “We bind the spirit of Jezebel in the name of Jesus,” one of the men said. “Lord, we ask you to break the power of any deception,” the other man prayed.

Why would these two guys feel obligated to bind demonic forces when a respected female Christian leader stood on stage? This woman was not a witch. She had an impeccable record of maturity and godly character. Her sermons were doctrinally sound. But these men viewed her as a threat because they held a narrow interpretation of Paul’s words about women teachers in his first epistle to Timothy.

Understanding Satan: Exposing the Truth About the Fallen Angel

In a recent video, ministry leader Perry Stone shared a profound message about Satan, based on a dream God had given him.

This dream was meant to expose the truth about Satan by delving into the Scriptures. It is crucial to establish a biblical foundation before exploring the dream’s significance.

To understand Satan, it is important to debunk the incorrect images people have developed over the years. One of the earliest depictions of Satan is as a serpent in the Garden of Eden, which became his emblem throughout Scripture. Additionally, Isaiah 14:12 reveals that Satan is a fallen angel, specifically referred to as Lucifer, the son of the morning. Further insight into his angelic position before the fall can be found in Ezekiel 28, where he is described as the anointed cherub.

5 Bible Principles for Discussing the Nephilim

In a recent conversation between Pastor Mike Signorelli and Apostle Alexander Pagani, the intriguing realm of mythology, demigods and the supernatural strength of the mysterious Nephilim were explored from a biblical perspective.

  • Myth vs. Fable

The differentiation between myth and fable was a crucial starting point. While fables are regarded as embellished stories, mythology is seen as a vehicle for conveying exaggerated truths. By discerning the underlying truths within myths, believers can gain deeper insights into spiritual realities that transcend literal interpretations.

  • Parallels Between Samson and Demigods

One intriguing parallel that emerged was between the Bible figure Samson and the demigods of Greek mythology. Samson, renowned for his supernatural strength, shares commonalities with these demigods. Some Christians view the Nephilim, the offspring of the “sons of God” and human women mentioned in the Bible, as akin to demigods. This perspective introduces the possibility of powerful beings with a divine-human lineage, adding a unique dimension to the understanding of supernatural strength.

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