Morning Rundown: Under Fire in Israel, Rabbi Kirt Schneider Still Walking in Peace

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Under Fire in Israel, Rabbi Kirt Schneider Still Walking in Peace

During his time as a believer, Rabbi Kirt Schneider has learned to walk in the peace of God, regardless of his circumstances. Now that he’s in Israel—where there is mortal danger all around him—he says it’s a principle he needs to apply now more than ever.

Schneider and his wife, Cynthia, arrived in Israel three weeks ago. Like many others, they awoke to the sounds of sirens Saturday morning when the terrorist group, Hamas, unleashed an attack on Israel the likes of which hasn’t been seen in 50 years. More than 700 Israelis have died since Saturday, and the attacks from Hamas and other terrorist groups are still taking place as of Monday morning.

During an interview with Charisma News Monday, Rabbi Schneider and his wife were forced to seek cover at a nearby bomb shelter. Sirens once again went off only a couple of minutes into the interview. Minutes later after returning to speak with Charisma’s John Matarazzo, the sirens went off again. Only this time, it was a false alarm.

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Signs of the Times: Are You Ready?

Continuing in his “Signs of the Times” sermon series, Pastor Jentezen Franklin of Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia, could not have picked a more appropriate time for such a teaching.

In the wake of Israel being the target of an unprecedented and unprovoked attack by the demonically-driven Hamas terror group, Franklin shared the words of Jesus pertaining to the end times and how every believer needs to be aware of His words, and be ready.

It starts with biblical literacy.

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The Mystery of Sivan 23

Jonathan Cahn’s Latest Book Opens Up Crucial Answers for the End Times

In today’s world, so many believers are asking, “What’s going on? What do we do?”

What if there was a 3,000-year-old mystery behind the events that we have all witnessed—the Covid-19 pandemic, the storming of the US Capitol, the changing of the Supreme Court—that gives answers?

What if God is giving us a message in the events of our times?

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