Morning Rundown: Jonathan Cahn: The Real Reason the Forces of Hell Want to Destroy Israel

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Jonathan Cahn: The Real Reason the Forces of Hell Want to Destroy Israel

Since the days of Israel’s rebirth in 1948, Jonathan Cahn says, “the forces of hell have been trying to wipe it out. From the day it was declared, they have been trying to wipe it out.”

The United Nations, Cahn says, refuses to condemn countries like China and the former Soviet Union for killing millions of their own people. Yet the U.N. doesn’t hesitate to condemn the “tiny little democracy called Israel more than it has condemned the nations of the world put together.”

Constantly watching the multitudes of rockets fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip by Hamas and with the support of Iran behind it reminded Cahn to turn to the book of Daniel. Scripture reveals this “demonic entity”—the principality of Persia—which in Hebrew is pronounced “Sar Paras.”

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Is the Gaza War Part of End Times Prophecy? What About Psalm 83? What Do the Bible’s 20 References to Gaza Tell Us?

October 17, 2023

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – As the situation here in Israel goes from bad to worse, and the death toll and number of wounded continues to climb on both sides of the border, Christians around the world are sending me great questions via email, text message, WhatsApp, and Twitter’s Direct Messaging.

Christian leaders, journalists, and broadcasters also asking me during radio, TV, digital, and print interviews, and on podcasts.

Above all, they want to know not just what’s happening moment to moment but where is this all going and what it all means from a biblical perspective.

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