U.S.-Mexico Border Prayer Initiative Making Impact

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Jennifer LeClaire


The Cinco de Mayo Border Prayer Initiative started nearly two weeks ago—and the prayer answers are already rolling in.

Sponsored by the Hispanic Prayer Network, the Cinco de Mayo Initiative is on a mission to raise up prayer, intercession and fasting for the Mexico-U.S. border and to bring awareness to the alarming issues facing both nations, including violence, murder, trafficking, smuggling, kidnapping, and drug cartels.

Prayer is a high priority for the border. A day before the initiative kicked off, news headlines read “Mexican Mass Grave Complex Reveals 88 Bodies.” The result of a drug deal gone bad, the grave complex was just about 165 kilometers from the border. Other recent headlines include “Mexico’s Drug Cartels Have a New  Target: CHILDREN.”

“In late January, I received a phone call from some top leaders in Mexico with a ‘Macedonian Call’ appeal for help in prayer to  break the spirit of violence in their nation,” says Cindy Jacobs, founder of Generals International. “In response, I contacted Mark Gonzales, an Apostolic Council Member of the United States Reformation Prayer Network, and charged him with developing a joint prayer effort between the United States and Mexico.”

The 21-day prayer strategy is currently being executed according to a prayer guide Jacobs helped write. Essentially, prayer warriors from both nations are uniting their voices to contend in prayer for righteous trade, peace and security at the border—and it’s working.

Indeed, since the prayer initiative got underway, the headlines are changing. One read, “16 Mexican police held over alleged drug gang link.” Another read, “Hidalgo Police arrested 32 suspected members of Los Zetas.” Still another read “Mexico police rescue 68 people kidnapped by cartel.”

“The spiritual-quaking has begun,” says Gonzalez. “The prayers of His people are already having profound effect. We need to keep pressing in prayer and fasting…Things are happening in the spirit. Keep joining us as we continue to contend on behalf of the United States, Mexico and the border. Our prayers are availing much.”

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