Christians Continue Libya Exodus

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Jennifer LeClaire


Fighting in Libya seems far from over.

Voice of America News reports that President Gaddafi’s troops have been firing rockets at the city of Misrata. Attacks have increased as NATO forces have stepped in to protect a Misrata port, the only inlet to the city for much needed international aid.

In the meantime, rumors are flying that NATO forces accidentally killed a dozen rebel fighters with a bomb on Wednesday.

Hundreds of civilians have died in the crossfire of the ongoing battles. On either side of the conflict, life in Libya is dangerous.

As a result, people are fleeing the country in droves. Thousands have fled to neighboring Tunisia, especially since, National Public Radio reports, rebel forces took over the border post. Others fled elsewhere at the first chance. Included in the mass exodus are Christians.

“We know of two congregations in Libya which are no longer meeting. Their members, who were from other Arab nations, have left the country in the wake of the violence there,” says Lee DeYoung with Words of Hope.

Believers that remain in the country only proceed with routines using extreme caution. “The few Libyan believers seem afraid to meet except in secret,” notes DeYoung.

Fear is widespread in the volatile nation. Pray that believers would be safe and that they would cling with all they have to the hope they have in Christ.

As other Libyans seek answers in this dire time though, pray that believers would continue to be the light to truth.

“Pray for discernment–that they may stand bold where that could be productive and where the Lord would lead them to do so, but at the same time be prudent in minimizing the needless exposure to violence…that they might be able to continue to serve in those places which are now experiencing unrest,” DeYoung says.

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