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Jennifer LeClaire


If the Message translation of the Bible isn’t modern enough for you, check out God Wears Sneakers.

No, it’s not a new translation of the Bible, per se. In fact, the author uses the King James Version of the Bible with its centuries old language. But author Judith Webster works to help readers with modern lifestyles and modern troubles tap into classic scriptures that release the wisdom and power they need.

“Who better to tell us how to relax than God, who cares for a family of 6 billion children?” Webster asks. “His words are an attempt to guide His children through life, from making meals from scratch—as scripture describes the manna He created for the Israelites—to turning the other cheek as Jesus did.”

God Wears Sneakers uses Bible verses to create a roadmap for living a good life while caring for the world. As Webster sees it, that means refusing to worship other gods, like money and power.

Each chapter begins with a Bible verse, followed by practical suggestions like keeping promises, being kind and sticking it out when the going gets tough. Inspirational stories from both the Old and New Testaments provide scriptural examples of each chapter’s message.

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