Will Donald Trump Actually Be Impeached?

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Steve Strang

You can’t turn on the news without hearing about impeachment. It seems as though all Democrats want to talk about it. But is it actually going to happen? Conservative political strategist Ralph Reed says the impeachment will likely happen because Democrats have been planning this move since Donald Trump took the oath of office. But with tens of millions of people interceding for Trump, only God can decide the outcome.

Reed offers his spiritual and political insight into this topic on my “Strang Report” podcast, and he says the impeachment we’re hearing about on the news is not actually something new.

He says that on the day Trump was inaugurated—Jan. 20, 2017—The Washington Post ran a story called “The Campaign to Impeach President Trump Has Begun” about the House Democrats’ strategy to impeach the new president. And this was when they were the minority!

“This is [also] what happened in the Mueller investigation,” Reed says. “They not only asserted that the president should be impeached, but they also claimed that he was an agent of a hostile foreign power. They claimed he was a Russian asset. They claimed that he had colluded with Russia to throw the election in his favor.”

But as Reed puts it, “None of that is true. None of the things that are being said about the Ukrainian relationship are true. And we know that because the transcript of the July 25, 2019, call shows that it isn’t true.”

The call transcript doesn’t show Trump telling Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that if he didn’t do the investigation into Joe Biden that he couldn’t count on Trump’s friendship. On the contrary, Reed points out, the Democrats are doing the very thing they’re accusing Trump of doing—using Ukraine for political purposes.

The Democrats were the ones who, during the 2016 campaign, had a meeting in the Ukrainian embassy looking for dirt on Paul Manafort and Donald Trump. Reed finds the Democrats’ claims particularly outrageous because they were the ones who refused to give Ukraine weapons to fight Putin as he seized Crimea. Reed says the assistance Barack Obama’s administration gave the European country was equivalent to “diapers and winter coats.”

In fact, it was Trump who finally gave Ukraine the assistance they had been begging for. He gave them javelin missiles, anti-tank weapons and anti-aircraft weaponry.

“And then the Democrats have the gall [to accuse Trump], after hanging these people out to dry for years and allowing Putin to seize Crimea with no consequences at all. President Trump is the one who has defended Ukraine. It’s really outrageous.”

Perhaps the Democrats are using their incessant attacks to merely wear Trump down, hoping he will crumble under the pressure. After all, how much can a human being take?

But Reed says anyone who thinks Trump would cave under the Democrats’ pressure clearly doesn’t know Donald Trump. He points to the many stressful situations Trump has been through over the years, including almost going bankrupt.

“I’m not a prophet, … but it may be that the things Trump went through in his life, including that moment when he almost went under, were to prepare him for this moment,” Reed says. “The other reason I don’t believe there’s any danger of him being in a fetal position or throwing in the towel is because of the prayers of tens of millions of people who are interceding for him every day.”

Reed believes strongly in the power of intercessory prayer. And he believes that just as the Mueller Report revealed there was no collusion, so Reed thinks Trump will be vindicated in this impeachment process.

“I believe God’s grace is over this situation,” he says.

And I agree with him. God’s hand has been on Trump since before he was elected president. Now, we have to pray earnestly and watch God do a miracle for this nation. Will you join me in prayer?

Be sure to share this article on your social media, and take 10 minutes to listen to my powerful conversation with Reed by clicking here. I think his spiritual perspective on this tricky issue will bless you.

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