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Why Spirit-Filled Singer Pat Boone Is Concerned About the Future of America - Charisma Magazine Online

Why Spirit-Filled Singer Pat Boone Is Concerned About the Future of America

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Steve Strang

Pat Boone

Pat Boone may be one of the most famous singers in the past generation. In some ways, he was as big as or even bigger than Elvis Presley—and he’s a Spirit-filled Christian. But the 85-year-old singer is concerned about the direction our country is going. If America continues down a path of moral decadence, he says, we could lose the very things that once made us a great nation.

I recently interviewed Boone on my “Strang Report” podcast. My late mentor Robert Walker—who owned Christian Life magazine before it merged with Charisma magazine—convinced Boone to write a book about his journey to being filled with the Spirit. This was significant because, at that time, people weren’t talking about the baptism with the Holy Spirit as they are today. I read that book, titled A New Song, in the early 1970s. It sold well over 1 million copies.

But just as Boone was outspoken in his beliefs in the gifts of the Spirit at that time, so he is now in his beliefs that America must turn back to God before our freedoms are stripped away.

“We’re losing our liberties bit by bit—and now chunk by chunk—by letting people step in and say, ‘Well we don’t need this or that liberty,'” he says. “Or they just step in and abuse it like the freedom of speech. … You don’t have to prove anybody guilty anymore. You just smear them. You just make the accusation, and it sticks.”

Boone says we have two Supreme Court justices right now whose reputations are tainted by awful, slanderous lies that were never proven. Brett Kavanaugh is one of them. And although the accusations against Kavanaugh remain unproven, they still haunt him.

Boone also gives the example of Alabama Judge Roy Moore, who was accused of sexual misconduct. But Boone says those accusations were never proven—the left just wanted to attack Moore because he defended the Ten Commandments.

“These days, if you quote some Scripture on homosexuality or other things, there are people who call it hate speech, and they want to outlaw it,” Boone says. “In fact, a lot of the Bible will be considered hate speech and not allowed publicly if we don’t put a stop to this smear campaign—literal campaigns heavily funded by wealthy people to take away our right to even quote the Bible.”

Because of this, Boone says, Christians must respond by being informed—informed of their rights and informed of what the left is doing to try to take them away. Christians must teach their children the true history of America and its founding, not the left-wing revisionist curriculum they teach in public schools and colleges nowadays.

But that’s not enough, Boone says. Christians must also choose to get actively involved in the political arena. Believers can do something as big as run for office or as small as volunteer to make phone calls in support of a conservative candidate who upholds biblical values. And with 2020 around the corner, political involvement is more important than ever.

Boone says he has made robocalls to thousands of people, urging them not to vote for the candidate but instead to vote for the platform.

“Forget whether you like the candidate or not, because that was an issue—understandably—but vote for the platform, what he or she says he or she will do if that person is elected,” he says. “You better know what it is because it’s going to affect you, your family and your future. We must defend our faith by active, aware participation.”

I so admire Pat Boone. He is the real deal. And I hope his words inspired you to take a stand for what you know is right. Don’t let the enemy blindside you by taking away your God-given rights. After all, our battle is not against flesh and blood. It’s not against Democrats or liberals but against spiritual forces of evil (see Eph. 6:12).

Be sure to listen to my full podcast with Boone to hear him share more about his personal story and why he’s concerned about America’s current path. And if you enjoy what he says, be sure to share the podcast and this article on your social media!

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