The Hidden Supernatural Force Behind Donald Trump

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Steve Strang

Christians continue to play an important role in praying for President Trump.

I believe a hidden force led to Donald Trump’s surprise victory in November 2016, and I believe that same supernatural force can carry him into a second term as president. You won’t read much if anything in the secular media about this powerful force, but Charisma News has made mention of its impact on the election multiple times. That scene-shifting, poll-shattering, swamp-draining force was the power of prayer. This is something I’ve emphasized in all my books about Donald Trump. I delve into what’s happening spiritually and even that modern-day prophets are saying he will win in 2020—something not reflected in the polls.

In my newest book, God, Trump and COVID-19, I remind the reader how I believe prayer affected the election. As the 2016 election neared, not only did the sudden groundswell of support for Trump occur at his political rallies, but you could see it in churches, in prayer groups and at rallies of all sorts. Cindy Jacobs, co-founder of Generals International and the Reformation Prayer Network, is not well-known in evangelical circles but is widely respected by charismatics as a prophet and teacher. She mobilized 10,000 intercessors to prayer-walk the seven critical states that helped Trump win in November 2016. These men and women walked around courthouses or the centers of towns praying for righteousness to prevail. In addition, a coalition of prayer leaders called As One also mobilized its networks two different times to prayer-walk for 40 days.

Jacobs has ministered all over the world, and as the campaign grew more intense in the fall of 2016, she began receiving calls from friends in Europe, China and Latin America saying intercessors were praying fervently that Trump would be elected. Many took the election so seriously they told her they were fasting and praying for hours each day. Jacobs’ close friend Lou Engle, a revivalist and co-founder of TheCall, a group that hosted 12-hour prayer rallies, urged supporters to begin a three-day fast as a petition for God’s mercy. He rallied thousands to join him because things looked so bleak. Conservative Christians believed that if Hillary Clinton won this election, it would be “game over” for religious freedom.

The night before the election, Jerry Johnson, then president of National Religious Broadcasters, attended a prayer meeting in Washington, D.C., and came away telling friends he believed Trump would win. I had been praying too, and I felt a similar optimism. That’s why I accepted an invitation from Darrell Scott, pastor of the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, to fly to New York to watch the election returns at the New York Hilton on election night. Scott was joined by several other African American pastors. That event, with the whole world watching, turned out to be a huge victory celebration. For part of the evening, I stood near Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas. He told me what a miracle he thought it would be if Trump actually won.

For most of the evening, the television commentators kept predicting that Clinton would be victorious. Even Fox News, which was broadcast live on TV screens in the Hilton ballroom, was reporting that Clinton had the edge and Trump had too much ground to make up. Yet by 10 p.m. EST, it seemed to me that Trump’s lead in electoral votes would be enough so that even a surge of West Coast victories couldn’t make up the difference.

The networks were showing all of the jubilation from the Hilton ballroom. It was packed with people who had worked diligently for the campaign. Then, when Trump’s numbers hit the 270 mark, the liberal commentators were stunned into silence by the realization that Trump had actually won.

Where I was standing in the Hilton ballroom, my Christian friends were shouting, and a few shed tears of joy. It was as if God had answered our prayers and the impossible had happened. We had a new president, one we believed God had raised up for such a time as this. And perhaps best of all, we each thanked God in our own way that Hillary Clinton was not going to be our next commander in chief.

This article has been adapted from Chapter 2 of God, Trump and COVID-19, published by FrontLine, an imprint of Charisma House. Click here for a free sample.

If you’re interested in knowing more of the spiritual story behind Donald Trump’s 2016 win, click here to purchase God and Donald Trump or any of my three other books on the spiritual stories behind our president, his victory and his leadership. You can also click here to receive a free copy of God, Trump and COVID-19 when you purchase a subscription to our flagship magazine, Charisma, where you’ll read the charismatic/Pentecostal angle on many top stories of the day.

If you appreciate Trump’s strong leadership the way I do, you’ll want to ignore his liberal critics and vote for a president committed to stand for America and for the values on which our Founding Fathers built this great country. Please share this article with your friends as we pray and work together to Make America Great. {eoa}

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