Paula White Cain: Mueller Report Couldn’t Stop Trump From Disrupting the Devil’s Plans

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Steve Strang

Robert Mueller just finished his report, and guess what? It showed the Trump presidential campaign had no collusion with Russia. Of course, if you’ve been aware of the news lately, you already know this. But on a deeper level, this investigation reveals a biased witch hunt against President Donald Trump. Pastor Paula White Cain, who serves as an adviser to Trump, says this is an attempt to stop God from using him to disrupt the enemy’s plans.

For those who haven’t read the news about this yet, Mueller spent 22 months investigating allegations that Trump’s presidential campaign was colluding with Russia. Mueller’s team dug deep into not only potential Russian interference with the 2016 election but also into Trump’s alleged efforts to obstruct the investigation. But in an exclusive interview with Paula this week for my “Strang Report” podcast, she told me that she—along with everyone else who worked on Trump’s campaign—knew there was never any collusion. (Click here to listen to my podcast with Paula or scroll down to the end of this article.)

“I’ve known President Trump for 18 years,” she says. “Those who worked closely on the campaign knew there was never any collusion, knew that there was no obstruction, knew that this was truly a witch hunt. I’ve seen figures from anywhere from $25 million to $35 million worth of taxpayers’ money. I just think of the countless 22 months, the countless hours, the energy that’s been expended and wasted.”

Trump’s critics predicted the president would fire Mueller in an attempt to disrupt the process of justice. Of course, this didn’t happen. Paula says the president didn’t even have a need to disrupt justice because he knew as well as she did that the allegations were entirely fabricated. Even journalists—who make their living by reporting the facts—were among those who lied about Trump.

“I remember sitting with [Trump] early on in this, and he just looked at me like, ‘Paula, this is insane—this is a witch hunt,'” she says. “It’s sad because it’s made from a cultural perspective, the perception of some people. It’s really shown a lot of people that we are to be innocent until proven guilty. Not this president! ‘He was guilty! He was definitely doing something!'”

Paula adds, “Personally, I think there are some people who owe some apologies and some people who maybe, as believers, need to do a little soul-searching and repentance and look and say, ‘Wait, let me rethink this. What lie have I fallen into?'”

Just as this investigation revealed a faulty perception in our culture, it also exposed the workings of the deep state. That’s one of the reasons people like me voted for Trump—we saw he didn’t play by the rules of politics, and we knew he wouldn’t fall in line with the deep state’s seedy dealings.

“There is a force working behind the surface,” Paula says. “We call President Trump ‘the great disrupter,’ don’t we? I think he’s been a disrupter for many things—disrupting the enemy’s plans, disrupting what’s been in place for a long time. As a person of faith and person who believes in righteousness and godliness, I would hope that any wickedness would be course-corrected and dealt with. But I also realize that there’s a reason they call it ‘deep state,’ so I don’t know. It will be interesting to see what happens.”

After the Mueller report was released, Democrats said they didn’t care that there was no evidence of collusion. They are still convinced Trump colluded with Russia, and they’re determined to continue investigating him. And although it’s no surprise to see the left malign Trump once again, Paula says Christians can’t sit back and pretend they don’t see it. We have to pray.

“I would ask that [believers] continue to pray for the wisdom of God—James 1:5—that [Trump] would walk in that liberally and abundantly and that God would give him strength,” she says. “Pray] he leans toward righteousness, that everything he is assigned to do that he would be able to. Pray God would preserve his purpose in the earth, because this is certainly his purpose and his calling within the earth. … Pray that any wickedness, any sabotage, any demonic network that the enemy has, any plot or plan or snare, that we would pray the Word over him.”

Paula says Trump recognizes that call on his life. And just as we are to pray for all our leaders, we are to pray for Trump, that he would fulfill the call God has on his life. And although Paula says Trump is more flexible than people would think, he still is determined to carry out his agenda. That’s what America needs right now.

To listen to my entire conversation with Paula, click on the podcast below, and be sure to share this article on your social media!

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