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Jonathan Cahn: Chaos, Calamity Mark ‘Year of Shakings’ and Compelled Him to Write ‘The Harbinger II’

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Steve Strang

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We would all say we’ve never experienced a year like this one. But bestselling author Jonathan Cahn anticipated chaos and calamity long before the pandemic and other crises hit—because God told him 2020 would be “unlike any other year.”

Last fall, Cahn was praying about what to write next, and God told him the time had come to write the long-awaited sequel to his first chart-topping book, The Harbinger. “And I also had a very strong sense about 2020, that it was going to be a year of shakings. I spoke about it publicly at the beginning of the year … and I spoke about it being a year of dark events and calamities, and yet God’s purposes in them as well. And so I knew I had to write The Harbinger II,” he said.

That book has now become his bestselling book yet, achieving a coveted double ranking on both The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal bestseller lists and an enduring place on many others as well.

Cahn began writing the book in January, “and then everything came on America,” he said. “Then we had this year unlike any other year … And so I had to write this; I had to get the word out. I had to warn; I had to open up for those who are His people and those who would listen,” he said.

Cahn said an ancient mystery laid out in Scripture revealed the 2020 pandemic and other cataclysmic events. In fact, he relates all this to what he calls a “classic biblical template.” He said it looks like this: “First is a strike of the enemy, contained … this is the shaking, initial strike warning. Then comes the window of time for a nation to come back or not come back and head to judgment. Then at the end of that window come shakings.”

Cahn’s book The Harbinger described these shakings in advance of their happening, and we can now see the truth that underlies his prophetic words. The shakings include “a nation that becomes divided, which is happening. The civil disorder—it’s happening. The breakdown of infrastructure—it’s happening. Economic deterioration—it’s happening, and more. But those things are happening,” he said.

As Cahn wrote The Harbinger II, he explored the connection between the first strike and the greater shakings that follow, both in ancient Israel and today. In ancient Israel, the first strike happened in 605 B.C. when Jerusalem was attacked. “And then the full weight of the shakings come upon the nation in the year 586 B.C.,” he said. That year marked the tragic destruction of the Jerusalem temple and the start of the Babylonian captivity.

Cahn pointed out that 19 years lay between the first strike and the later shakings. And then he said something even more amazing: If we take the year 2001, when 9/11 occurred, and add 19 years, 2020 is clearly the year of the greater shakings.

“For years, I was looking at this year… I said, ‘Lord, if it goes according to the template, then 2020 is going to be the year of shakings, of great shaking,'” he said. “And so it is. And in fact, the prophet Jeremiah, when he spoke about what was going to happen in that year in his nation, the 19th year of his nation after the strike, he spoke also about a plague coming on the land, a pandemic coming on the land. And even the name of the plague is COVID-19, linked to judgment.”

That judgment, Cahn said, came upon the nation of Israel because of its many sins, but “specifically what the nation did to its children. If anything invokes judgment, it’s the offering up of children.” He told me that while Israel lifted up thousands of children, our nation has “lifted up millions in abortion mills, 60 million children—more than that … this generation has killed more children around the world than any in history. But America has been at the head of this, leading other nations,” he said.

Cahn also told me that there are many eerie parallels between the current plague and what the nation of Israel experienced. “The day that they identified the first case official case of the of this disease, this plague in America—he was patient zero. The next day, it was broadcast to America all over the newspapers and headlines … the date was Jan. 22, the day that America legalized the killing of children in Roe v. Wade.

Cahn added, “It also says in Jeremiah that the weight of the plague will come back to the place where the children’s blood was shed. What is the capital of abortion in America? It’s New York; it’s New York City, more children have been killed there. And where has there been more death than anywhere else, even to this day? It’s New York, without any question,” he said.

I strongly recommend that you listen to this episode of The Strang Report podcast, where I interview Cahn about the amazing insights God has given into him into the biblical patterns that predict present events and how, despite it all, “The Harbinger II is a book of hope,” he said. This article, podcast and of course The Harbinger II contain prophetic words I believe we all need to hear, so please share with anyone you know. Especially in this critical election year, we must—as individuals and as a nation—heed God’s warning before it’s too late. {eoa}

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