Is Trump Backtracking on His Campaign Promise to Defend Christmas?

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Steve Strang

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you know that President Donald Trump recently canceled the press Christmas party at the White House. Whereas past presidents showed off their fake smiles as they dined and chatted with hostile reporters, Trump has decided to make a different choice. Because of this, some have accused Trump of joining our culture’s war on Christmas, but is this really true?

If there’s one thing I appreciate about Trump, it’s that he keeps his promises. One of his campaign promises was to bring Christmas back to the White House and kick politically correct phrases like “Happy holidays” to the curb. Trump has stayed true to his word, and in fact, his official 2018 card even says “Merry Christmas” on it! So it seems more likely that Trump’s decision to cancel the press Christmas party has more to do his refusal to tolerate the media’s bias against him than it does his so-called disdain for Christmas.

But bringing back “Merry Christmas” isn’t the only promise Trump has kept. As I told Bob Harden on his show earlier this week, Trump has proven himself to be a man of his word time and again. Whereas previous presidents have made promises to schmooze voters only to forget them later, Trump has kept his. My latest book, Trump Aftershock, details exactly how he’s done that—from moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem to promoting religious freedom to boosting the economy to creating what I like to call a muscular diplomacy.

Since Trump Aftershock came out last month, we’ve seen a great response from readers, and it seems the book is meeting a real need in our culture right now. To continue promoting the book, I’ve been on a media tour. I had the opportunity to talk with Todd Starnes not too long ago, and earlier this week, I had the privilege of being on Bob Harden’s show. My interview with Bob turned out to be one of my favorites so far, and so I would like to share it with you today. (Click the podcast at the end of this article to listen to our entire conversation.)

As I pointed out to Bob during our interview, Trump Aftershock is really the sequel to God and Donald Trump. I wrote the first book to explore the spiritual side of Trump’s election. After all, several people received prophetic words that Trump would win, including Chuck Pierce and Frank Amedia. Now, of course, Christians have to be careful when it comes to prophetic words like these. I remember one person who prophesied that Rudy Giuliani would become president, and that did not happen. Nevertheless, several people received words that Trump would be elected, and that’s exactly what happened. I believe that’s something Christians can’t afford to ignore.

Some secular media personalities have asked me how I can even put “God” and “Trump” in the same sentence. But we must remember that throughout Scripture, God used imperfect people, including Moses, King David and the apostle Paul. He even used Cyrus, a pagan king, to fulfill His purpose of bringing the Israelites back to their own land.

It seems that God is doing a very similar thing with Trump. The first two years of his presidency have been incredible. That’s why Trump Aftershock has 500 footnotes documenting Trump’s presidential accomplishments! I call these the aftershocks of the earthquake of Trump’s election.

But not all the aftershocks have been positive. In my book, I also show the negative effects of the election, namely, the severe media pushback and rich leftist radicals who seek to undermine Trump’s agenda. Really, though, this pushback isn’t merely physical. It’s spiritual warfare, and that’s why I tried to write Trump Aftershock from a spiritual perspective while backing each claim with research.

During our conversation, Bob told me he keeps a copy of Trump’s campaign speech at Gettysburg. From time to time, Bob pulls that speech out and reads it, comparing what Trump said he would do to the things he has done as president and is continuing to do. Bob says the comparison is amazing!

I’m grateful for a president who keeps his promises—from protecting Christmas to draining the swamp to defending religious liberty. And I look forward to the next two years (or perhaps six!). To read more about how God has used Trump to bless the U.S., I encourage you to read Trump Aftershock. You can buy it at trumpaftershock.com, and it’s also available at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Walmart, Sam’s Club and anywhere books are sold.

Remember to check out the podcast with Bob Harden below and listen to our fascinating discussion.

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