How Do We Engage the Culture If We’re Speeding to the End of Time?

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Stephen Strang

For decades, Pentecostals have been too passive when it comes to what is happening in the culture. During World War I, they were actually pacifists. That has gradually changed, and the culture long ago rejected the “holiness” legalism that characterized the movement.

Now, on many issues like how we dress or what entertainment we consume, you can’t tell much difference between Pentecostals and the broader culture. All the while, the culture has largely ignored what we have to say when it comes to what is happening in the world, and whether this is leading to the end of time as the Bible says.

That needs to change.

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One shining example of change is Jonathan Cahn, who has been raised up by God as a prophet since he released The Harbinger in 2012. But he is not the type of prophet to predict famines or elections, he stays away from that. His messages are about what the Bible says and how it applies to modern life.

He sees signs that most of us miss. The latest is the presence of dragons popping up all over New York City, supposedly promoting an HBO TV series. Charisma News and other outlets reported it last week, and I did a podcast on The Strang Report about a 270-foot inflatable dragon draped over the Empire State Building. Earlier this week, Cahn released a new YouTube video showing the dragons that also appeared on Wall Street and other locations around Manhattan.

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So, what does all this mean? Cahn believes that while those doing the HBO publicity probably have no idea what they are doing, their stunt is actually a prophetic sign of the end of time. If you study the book of Revelation, you know that Satan is called the dragon. He’s shown as having multiple heads and being red. We are seeing some sort of sign that things are speeding to the end of time.

As I write about in my latest book, Spirit-Led Living in an Upside-Down World, the move toward one-world government and a new currency show that what the Bible says about the end times may happen soon. There are other geopolitical events that are very big and very bad. For example, there is the threat of nuclear war with what is happening in Israel with Hamas and Iran. And China and Russia are getting aggressive as the U.S. military, which used to keep global peace, is getting weaker and weaker.

There are plenty of conservative commentators who are as troubled as I am, yet don’t see the world from a biblical end-times viewpoint. But they know something dangerous is building. That’s why so many conservatives are rallying to Donald Trump to try to “make America great again” and to help turn the tide.

This will take more than one politician to turn things around. This requires the body of Christ to help the culture see what is happening and to bring in the great end-time harvest that many have been prophesying will happen.

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I believe God is raising up voices such as Jonathan Cahn. Even if media and culture ignore the message, each of us can get out the word that what the Bible says about the end of time is beginning to happen right before our eyes.

Each of us has influence. If the media and the powerful elites are willfully oblivious to what’s happening, then we must go around them. One way is to get behind what Jonathan Cahn is saying. He has a “word for today” with his insights on the culture.

You can share links to videos such as the one he released this week. Or you can pre-order his new book, The Dragon’s Prophecy, coming soon. I am encouraging those who resonate with what I am saying to get a movement going, to let the culture know about these “dragon” signs, and this important and timely new book.

As we speed toward the end of time, Christians need to know how to be prepared and how to respond. Non-believers who are concerned about what is happening in the world need a place to turn. It is time for the body of Christ to stand up, just as Jonathan Cahn has done and is continuing to do.

Will you help alert the entire culture to hear what Jonathan Cahn is prophesying about the end of time through this important new book?

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Stephen Strang has seen major changes in the church, the culture and technology since he founded Charisma magazine in 1975. In addition to being CEO of Charisma Media, he hosts a Strang Report podcast live on YouTube and Rumble at 4 p.m. EST every Tuesday and Thursday. His important recent book Spirit-Led Living in an Upside-World is available wherever fine Christian books are sold. You can get a copy signed by the author online at

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