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Frank Amedia: Trump’s Breaker Anointing Is Fighting Antichrist Spirit - Charisma Magazine Online

Frank Amedia: Trump’s Breaker Anointing Is Fighting Antichrist Spirit

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Steve Strang

It’s hard to believe 2018 is almost over! As we begin the new year, it’s important we look ahead and try to discern what God is saying to His people. To glean insight into that topic, I interviewed Pastor Frank Amedia on my “Strang Report” podcast. He told me God is using President Donald Trump to fight globalization, the breeding ground for the Antichrist spirit.

“Globalization has been halted to the sense that it’s being dismantled,” Amedia told me. “We see that in the EU—any one of the members of the EU that tried to oppose Trump and that breaker anointing have found themselves in chaos.”

For example, Amedia points out, French President Emmanuel Macron—who has spoken out against Trump—had to leave in the middle of a meeting because Paris was burning. Then there’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was one of the first to oppose Trump and is now no longer the head of the Christian Democratic Union in Germany. She too, Amedia says, has found herself in chaos.

“[We’re seeing] opposition to the globalization that was gaining fervor in finding its path in the previous administration,” Amedia says. “Why? Because I think we’re beginning to see the budding of Babylon. The spirit of Babylon, the economic system of Babylon, is beginning to spring up. And we all know what that means. That means that this is the true system of the Antichrist. So our eyes should be looking very, very clearly at what’s happening right now.”

But Amedia doesn’t think Trump is conscious of the spiritual implications of his agenda. Instead, he sees Trump as merely a vessel God is using to accomplish His purposes.

“Is Trump aware of what he’s doing?” he asks. “I don’t believe he’s aligning it to prophecy. I don’t think he’s aligning it to Christian expectations. He’s simply fulfilling assignments that God has put into him, and he’s extending with those.”

And yet Amedia is fully aware of the tremendous trouble spots in our nation. He says the promise God gave at Trump’s election regarding the Supreme Court has yet to be completely fulfilled.

“We’re still one justice short,” Amedia tells me. “He promised three; we have two. … I believe, and as I’ve said over and over, even during the Kavanaugh hearings, that the third one is coming sooner than we thought.”

Amedia warns that there’s a false sense of conservativism in the Supreme Court right now. Unfortunately, most of the justices are still voting liberal, Amedia says, so we need one or two more true conservatives.

And yet Amedia says he sees improvement in one of the most important political issues in the kingdom of God: abortion. Sixteen states have laws that have restricted the legal status of abortion, and four more will automatically ban abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Another nine states have retained their abortion bans that preceded the legalization of abortion. In reality, only nine states want to hold on to Roe v. Wade.

“You know, Steve, as believers, that protecting the life of the unborn is dear to us; it’s dear to removing curses from this nation,” Amedia says. “And I don’t think anybody can argue that it’s not dear to the heart of God. That has to be kept in the forefront.”

I agree—in fact, that’s part of the reason I moved away from the Democratic Party. I couldn’t in good conscience vote for people who support ungodly causes like abortion. But as Amedia says, God is using Trump to accomplish something. And in fact, that’s why I wrote God and Donald Trump and, most recently, Trump Aftershock, which you can purchase at I wanted to shed light on the story the media refuses to tell—that God is using Trump to accomplish some incredible things.

But although God is doing mighty things in the nation right now, Amedia is cautious and believes the church must again become aware of the power of God. He tells the story of a well-known Korean pastor who visited the U.S. at the request of one of the biggest denominations. When the pastor came to America, he was disheartened at the lack of zeal for the Lord. Just before he left to return for Korea, he told the pastors who invited him that the American church is growing but not on the premises of the gospel, that they have a form of godliness but no power.

“I think we need to be a voice calling the body of Christ to get hot, to get on fire and not to be complacent or live on the laurels of an election that was won a couple years ago when we’re losing so many battles day by day in the earth today,” Amedia says.

This is certainly a somber word, and I encourage all who hear it to take what Amedia has to say seriously, which starts by examining our own hearts and lives. As the new year begins, we have an opportunity to reflect and ask God how He wants us to respond to what we’re facing.

To hear more of Amedia’s spiritual insights into what’s ahead for 2019, click on the podcast below. To watch Amedia share even more real truth about heading into 2019, click here. Be sure to share this article with a friend and, while you’re at it, why not pray with them for the coming year? Happy New Year, and God bless you!

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