Chuck Pierce Declares Glory Portal Strategy for America

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Steve Strang

When internationally known prophet Chuck Pierce speaks, people listen. And this declaration from Pierce is definitely something worth listening to, especially considering the stunning events that have taken place in recent days and months.

The news is flooded with all of the divisive issues concerning COVID-19, racism, the LGBTQ agenda and the embarrassing debacle in Afghanistan. There have been natural disasters—catastrophic ones—like the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Haiti and the category 4 Hurricane, Ida, that just struck the Gulf Coast of the United States last weekend.

These events and issues are overwhelming, and the church is certainly not excluded or sheltered from these realities. In fact, Pierce says it’s the church that needs to wake up—instead of being woke—because God wants to “use his army in the earth” to battle the evil that’s not only taken place already but what is to come.

“If the Lord came back today, He would be looking for one thing—faith,” Pierce tells me on a recent episode of the Strang Report. “It [the Bible] asks would He find faith? What happens is that in the midst of all the atmosphere that is penetrating us, we start reflecting that conformity that’s in the world, and we can’t do that.

“Jesus never took on the machine that was ruling politically during His time,” Pierce says. “He created an example of faith and demonstration. It’s almost like we’re way too opinionated to get into a demonstrated type of faith in the earth realm where we say, ‘Wait a minute, let’s decree this thing and watch it happen.’ I noticed the other day when we had a prayer meeting and I gave seven points, and it was really different. I said, in all of creation, the Lord is going to use the host of heaven, and then he’s going to use his army in the earth. And then he’s going to also use creation.

“Then, all of a sudden, the earthquake hit in Haiti,” Pierce says. “We forget that those are strategic places in the earth that the enemy would love to own to establish beachheads against freedom and liberty and glory. Somehow, we’ve lost our perspective that we are God’s army here on earth. He has that angelic army coming down to help us, but we are going to have to secure our portion of the earth that he’s giving us. We’re going to have to do that with our voices. …

“It creates a beachhead … where there’s a portal for the glory to come down,” he says. “Wherever you are listening right now, we have the ability to cause what God is saying in heaven to come into the earth realm. But that takes our prophetic voice. It takes us communicating. It takes us getting out there and making a stand. But we’ve got to make a stand with the glory of God backing us.”

Pierce says America is still one of the “most safe” nations in the world, yet we are “losing our authority to rule” by making bad choices in our leadership. Of course, that has been reflected in some of the horrific things that have taken place in this country over the past few months.

“Only the body of Christ can bring us back to favor and glory and to that place of authority that we are called to walk in,” Pierce says. “We’re going to have to some way get into our place in the kingdom where we are really standing from a kingdom standpoint and say, we can turn this nation. We can shift this nation.”

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