Houston, Don’t Listen to the Doom-and-Gloom Prophets of Destruction

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A home in Houston, Texas.

Another hurricane, another doom-and-gloom rush to the internet to proclaim an accurate prophecy of destruction.

After deadly Hurricane Harvey hit, Z3News.com re-ran a prophetic word that was originally published Aug. 29, 2016 with the headline “Houston Will Be Destroyed, Desolate, Uninhabitable.”

The lengthy article starts with the author opining about how she’s had dreams and visions since she was a little girl and how the Lord had been preparing her for the previous six months for she didn’t know what. She describes getting off work and being really tired, grabbing a bite to eat and praying, admitting she hadn’t been “praying heavy” like she should.

Suddenly, she says she was up in the air over the city of Houston. She says she saw a fire in an apartment complex, a five-foot high wave of water and heard the Holy Spirit say: “The water represents judgment. Judgment is coming to Houston and it will be destroyed, desolate and uninhabitable.” She says she say people screaming, and the devastation was terrible.

“What I saw was so scary, I don’t want to be here when it happens. So I started praying about when I needed to be out of Houston,” the author writes. “So I was like, I’m just gonna fast and pray because this is serious and I may not have much time. So the next day, I thought about it and I was like, well I guess since I have been given this vision, which is amazing since I haven’t been praying like I should, maybe I should find out why Yahshua [sic] is destroying Houston.”

The author ultimately concludes this judgment came on Houston because there was a clinic there selling body parts of aborted babies.

She goes on to write, “Then he said, ‘I don’t do anything unless I reveal it to My prophets first.’ I joked and said, ‘God, am I a prophet?’ LOL, I thought we were just talking! LOL.”

These kinds of articles are why so may have rejected prophetic ministry. The flippant attitude of the article grieves my spirit. Where is the weeping? Where is the crying out to God for mercy? Delivering a word like this is no time to “LOL” and “joke” with God. Delivering it with an admission that you haven’t been praying like you should does not build confidence in the reader.

But the bigger issue is the judgment claim. I highly doubt God is destroying Houston because an abortion clinic there was selling baby parts. Why not just strike Planned Parenthood practitioners dead? California has more abortion clinics than any other state in the nation—and clinics there and in other states were also selling baby parts. Why not destroy California?

A more refreshing perspective from God’s heart comes from my friend Lana Vawser. I can’t republish the entire word here, but the gist of it is the tide is turning in Texas:

Texas, I am coming in, I am coming in—in a way I have never come in before. I am coming in a way you have never seen before. I am coming, I am coming, I am coming. I am going to make a way where there is no way. The tide is turning in Texas. The way it ‘has been’ will no longer be that way. There is a NEW DAY upon you, Texas. There is a NEW DAY upon you, Texas. I am with you, I am holding you, I am releasing the manifestation of the new day of destiny written in the scrolls of Heaven over you Texas. As this storm has come to devastate, I am coming to ACTIVATE—to activate a greater tipping point of breakthrough upon you, Texas. A whole new level of signs, wonders and miracles as I show up. I am fighting for you, Texas.

The people of Houston right now don’t need claims that the Lord has wreaked havoc on the city because sinners do what sinners do. They need to see the Lord’s will and redemptive nature. Even if this was massive judgment, God is still merciful and works to redeem.

Bottom line: These types of judgment prophecies do not reflect the heart of God for Houston.

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